[Marxism] Putin backs Israel

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 30 07:41:30 MDT 2006


Putin Condemns Hezbollah, Supports Israel; Kadyrov Kills More Terrorists

Prince Saud Al-Feisal and President Putin in Moscow

As the world's headlines are dominated by news from the Israeli-Hezbollah
War, it surprising how few English-language media outlets have noticed the
statement President Putin delivered yesterday in Moscow, after his meeting
with the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Saud Al-Feisal. Putin said
"Russia condemns any attempts to solve any problems through resorting to
terrorism.the state of Israel has a right to live in peace and it should
exercise it."

While Putin was visiting with the Saudi Minister, Chechen Prime-Minister
Ramzan Kadyrov was visiting Russian youth organizations for a political
summer session on Lake Seliger (located between Moscow and St Petersburg),
where he announced that two more Chechen terrorist commanders have been
neutralized; with one killed and another captured. Hozh-Ahmed Dushayev, the
"Emir" of Kurchaloevsky Region and his partner were responsible for the most
recent terrorist attacks in the now peaceful province of Russia.

Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov

Both stories demonstrate that, contrary to some analysts proclaiming a new
Cold War, Russian domestic and foreign policies are in fact becoming more
friendly towards the West. Out of Soviet-era habit, Russia almost always
contradicted American foreign policy in the Middle East, and took the side
of Israel's adversaries. Before the Beslan massacre, the State Department
and American NGOs used to express sympathy for the Chechen "freedom
  fighters" - but no more. As Russia Blog noted yesterday, the world has
changed since the Cold War and Yeltsin eras. Oil and gas wealth has allowed
Moscow to negotiate from a position of strength with the West, but this does
not mean that the Kremlin wants confrontation with America, far from it -
Russia just wants money and respect. Dollars from U.S. and multinational oil
companies talk much louder than rhetoric about Putin crushing democracy from
D.C. think tanks. Also, Russia sympathizes with countries fighting jihadists
after waging its own bloody campaign for more than ten years against
terrorists that wanted to create their own Islamic state throughout the

The Jerusalem Post, usually no fan of the Kremlin, observed today "in those
circles in Jerusalem where statements from foreign capitals are read and
parsed carefully, what stood out was that this was the message Moscow chose
to underline following a meeting with the Saudi foreign minister." Israel is
clearly happy with Moscow's decision to side against Hezbollah in the
Lebanon conflict. The Jerusalem Post added that "Russia has taken a moderate
line during the entire conflict. Had Putin so desired, he could have made
things much more difficult for Israel at the G-8 in St. Petersburg, at
Wednesday's conference in Rome, and at the UN in New York. That he hasn't
done so has not gone unnoticed in Jerusalem."

I believe we are witnessing a huge positive turn in geopolitics, which
should give us hope that all civilized countries are finally identifying
their common enemy, the global jihad and those who fund it. More
importantly, we are witnessing many young Muslims around the world turning
against the jihadists, who are incapable of producing anything but more
death and misery for their people. The successful counterinsurgency in
Chechnya, which has reduced the terror attacks for the last six months in
that region to almost zero, would have been impossible without tips provided
by the local population. A few years ago, many ordinary Chechens, like the
Iraqis today, either sympathized with the terrorists or were simply too
scared to provide intelligence to security forces. Now the tide has turned,
and international jihadists are finding Iraq or Afghanistan safer places to
go than Chechnya, where they are quickly caught and killed.

Perhaps with strong logistical and financial support from the world
community, the Lebanese Army can follow the successful example set by the
Chechens, who are rebuilding their country, starting new businesses, and
weeding out their unwanted guests. Chechnya shows that the terrorists in
Lebanon and Iraq can be defeated - not by tanks and bombs, but by the human
desire for money and a normal life.

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