[Marxism] Putin backs Israel

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 30 08:18:25 MDT 2006

While there are some who would like very much to put
Putin and Russia in Washington's camp, to do so would
be rather one-sided. 

After all, this is the very same Alexander Putin and 
Russia who met with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela 
earlier THIS WEEK and negotiated a big deal to purchase
Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles. As is obvious, these
are only for target practice at amusement parks in the
Bolivarian Republic of Veenzuela. I'm sure no one here
would misconstrue this as any military preparations by
the Venezuelan government which, as is well-known, has
no enemies outside of its own national boundaries...

Chavez praises Russia and Rifle - way back in ancient
history: Thursday of this week, just FOUR DAYS AGO:

Putin and Chavez, opening remarks at their summit:

Putin meets and praises Chavez - way back in 2001:

Don't expect Russia to endorse Washington's war aims
in the Middle East, or to support any U.N. sactions  
against Iran, or to endorse Israel's invasion of
Lebanon. the quotation given below does not endorse
Israel's blitzkreig against Lebanon, but says quite
clearly it's agains "any attempts to solve any
problems through resorting to terrorism". This could
be interpreted in almost any manner whatsoever.

The government of Alexander Putin is a nationalist one
whose interest is trying to resurrect Russia's place in
the world. He's probably like to see it as strong as the
Soviet Union was, but he isn't any kind of Marxist or
socialist or even a Stalinist. He's really a Russian
nationalist. Even though Russia has opened its doors to
foreign private investment, it would be quite the over-
statement, I think, to believe that Putin and Russia
have sold their country out to the capialist western
world. Time will tell what success Putin will have in
his project, but to simply say "Putin backs Israel" is
a rather oversimplified reading of the events, I think.

Walter Lippmann
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Putin Condemns Hezbollah, Supports Israel; Kadyrov Kills More Terrorists

As the world's headlines are dominated by news from the Israeli-Hezbollah 
War, it surprising how few English-language media outlets have noticed the 
statement President Putin delivered yesterday in Moscow, after his meeting 
with the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Saud Al-Feisal. Putin said 
"Russia condemns any attempts to solve any problems through resorting to 
terrorism.the state of Israel has a right to live in peace and it should 
exercise it."

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