[Marxism] George Soros versus George W. Bush

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 30 09:24:23 MDT 2006

Posting this interesting comment on George Soros in today's
Los Angeles Times is appreciated. It's one which will very
much be of interest to the readers of the CubaNews list as
Soros is being redbaited by the ultra-right an linked with
the President of Cuba. Here in Cuba, Bush and his regime is
seen very much as Nazi-like, and this is a theme which has
been struck here often. There's been a series running here
by Alarcon about Bush's Mein Kampf, for example, referring
to the Bush transition plan for a "free" Cuba. 

No comment was made to the readership so as to know what, 
if any POLITICAL ATTITUDE the poster takes when it comes to 
George Soros. There's no need to be shy, when it comes to
discussing politics, certainly not here on the Marxmail 
e-mail list.

Of course as we all know, George Soros is a big zillionaire
capitalist who made his money in the parasitical field of
financial speculation. Furthermore, he funds "open society"
groups which have worked to overthrow governments which he
and Washington don't approve of. Soros is one of those who,
as capitalists, feel that Bush and his policies of unlateral
interventionism is harmful to the interests of capitalism as
a whole. 

Mr. Soros puts his money where his mouth is in this matter,
and spent a lot of his own personal money trying to see that
George Bush would not be re-elected. Here in Cuba that was a
subject of some interest. Here's one Granma item on that:

Cuba's National Assembly President, Ricardo Alarcon, has also 
written a lot about the policies of the Bush administration. 
He, too, has been comparing Bush's policies to those of the 
Nazis, as in this example, but there are many by Alarcon on 
this theme as well:

One could simply write off Soros and others like him saying
that since they are capitalists, there's no difference which
separates him and Bush on anything fundamental. I suppose it
is easy to do that. Formulas are much easier to work with
than trying to find ways of seeing division in the camp of
one's opponents of which one can take advantage. 

In a discussion of trends withing the U.S ruling class, Cuban
TV's Mesa Redonda program had a discussion of this sometime
ago. They wrote:

Los miembros del Consejo de Relaciones Exteriores son más de 
3 800, ciudadanos norteamericanos, algunos de ellos con 
visiones más objetivas que las usuales de la extrema derecha, 
y los hay tan connotados como George Soros, el conocido magnate 
de la especulación financiera internacional.

quick English translation:

The members of the Council on Foreign Relations are  more
than 2800, North American citizens, among them some have more
objective visions than the usual among the extreme right, and 
among those among the most notable are those lie George Soros,
the well0known magnate of intnernational finacial speculation.


I think it's a good thing that Soros is critical of Bush and
is saying Bush's policies are harmful for capitalism, thoug
I'm no admirer of Bush, capitalism or George Soros. There is
so little in the way of political debate and discussion in the
United States that, as truncated as this is, it IS what passes
for politics in the highly constricted and controlled world of
the United States. 

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Soros has raised eyebrows with his most recent sally into American
political culture by drawing comparisons in his new book between the
Bush administration and communist and Nazi governments.

In "The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror," Soros
recalls that when he "heard President Bush say, 'Either you are with
us or you are with the terrorists,' " in the wake of 9/11, "I was
reminded of Nazi propaganda.

"Indeed, the Bush Administration has been able to improve on the
techniques used by the Nazi and the Communist propaganda machines by
drawing on the innovations of the advertising and marketing


The Nazi-Bush comparison is not new.

In 2004, MoveOn.org, a group Soros supported, ran a video that began
with a Hitler speech that segued into a picture of Bush. Another
video used imagery of Bush and the Nazis, with the message: "What
were war crimes in 1945 is foreign policy in 2003."

In a National Review Online column in March 2005, Victor Davis Hanson
wrote that a Google search of Hitler + Bush yielded 1,350,000
matches. (Bush + Nazi now yields 17.1 million hits.)

Hanson wrote that Soros and other proponents of "this crazy analogy"
share "the same thing that unites Fidel Castro, the European street,
the Iranians, and North Koreans: an evocation of some aspects of
Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany to deprecate President Bush in connection
with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

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