[Marxism] Isreali aerial bombings in Qana and death of innocent civilians

soma marla marlass_ag at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 30 10:25:11 MDT 2006

Israeli  aggression and  violation of basic  human 

 Israeli  aerial  bombing  of southern Lebanon is   
aatrocious  and unpardonable  in a civilised  society.
I  am  devastated  by  the  bombing  of  Qana  village
tonight,  resulting  in death  of  nearly  fifty
innocent  civilians including  many  women  and 
In second  world  war  when  HItler mascred  the  jews
  the  progresssive  world  sttod by the Jews  and 
helped  them  to  recover back and lead  normal lives.
Today   Israel  is just   doing what  Hitler  did 
half a century  ago. Yes,  terrorism  is  a problem
today,  but  neigher   Israel   nor  USA  has  the
right  for  moral  policing. There is  the  UN 
supported  multi national  force to  take  care of
Israel  should  immediately  accept to unconditional
cease fire, leave Lebanon and  stop  slaughtering 
innocent  civilians.
It is  high  time  Israel   learn  to  live  in a
civilised world. Otherwise  it  may  have  to  face 
universal boycot   faced by  the aparthid white  South
African  regime a couple  decades back.

Soma Marla

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