[Marxism] Brief report from Steffie Brooks on antiwar march across Brooklyn Bridge yesterday

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 30 19:38:05 MDT 2006

Steffie sent me this report,  I edited it, with her approval, and am
sending it to Marxmail and the Solidarity list.
It was about [1,500] and very much a radical demonstration, radical
Palestinians primarily and other radicals. 
The ISO played a major role in pulling the ad hoc coalition together, it
seems to me, and played central roles in logistics and program and
Their preferred method of outreach in my experience with them is
postering in neighborhoods and tabling, and indeed they brought young
Arabs they met this way to the Wed. planning meeting (a number of young
women I talked to there told me they'd heard about this from the ISO)
and I'm sure to the march. All the traditional left groups were there --
WWP, ANSWER, ISO, Solidarity, RCP, Green Party, Sparticists, Socialist
Action (I chatted with Marty Goodman on the Bridge), and anti-Zionist
Jews -- Jews Against the Occupation, Neturei Karta, etc. 
Although UFPJ said they announced this demonstration to their NYC email
list, I didn't see any UFPJ regulars at the action. They are planning
another meeting this Thurs. with the ad hoc coalition.
Announcements of this action didn't make it on to activist lists like
Todd Eaton's or Action Greens or most calendars of events or the WBAI
airwaves afaik. I think this failure in PR accounted for some of the
lower numbers than expected. 
Still, 1,500 is fairly good given the continuing split in the antiwar
movement and the lack of major publicity. It DOES demonstrate to me,
though, that it is correct to keep pushing for broader unity, including
with UFPJ, and the issue of what if any compromises in programmatic
demands would be required is fairly important. 
UFPJ is on board with demanding an immeiate Ceasefire. I think it would
be principled to support actions centered on that slogan, as long as
participants could also raise ending the occupation and ending US aid to
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