[Marxism] NYTimes report sees Hezbollah, Nasrallah as winner so far -- US as big loser

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Jul 30 21:25:43 MDT 2006

Lou Wrote:
"The net result would be a radical Islamic state on Israel's Northern border. Absolutely amazing. "

I have turned on Fox and watch the interview with two ex-generals. the coverage of the Qana atrocity which backed up their talk was carefully edited to eliminate any sight of bodies.  

The gernals though agreed that militarily Israel had not done well and politically it was an absolute disaster.  I th ink at moments like this the bourgeoisie are confronted by one of their key ocntradicitons.  They have to know the world in order to lie about it.  You cannot dominate if you do not understand, if your intellectual models are out of whack with reality.

Yet that is precisely what happens to the powerful.  Their feedback circuits get choked with the prattle of the sychophants.

It now seems that the USA & Israel truly thought this could be as  Uri Avnery puts it a "nice little war".  A three week jaunt to jolt the Arabs into doing what they should - start killing one another.

That did not happen hence the need to escalate and that is why Qana happened. After Qana what can they do?  Well they have gone back to the steady diet of killing Palestinians while they think through the problem.

What is strange here is how Rice's rhetoric is the negative image of the truth. She says she opposes a cease fire because that would leave Hizbollah in place and prevent a New Middle East from emerging.  

The truth now is that an Israeli ceasefire or  apology or
cessation or some tactical maneuver cobbled together by Bush and Blair will leave in place the force that will produce another massacre of Arabs in the future. That force is of course American Imperialism. 

Sabra and Shatil in 1982, Qana in 1996, Qana in 2006 and so it will go on until Imerialism is decisively defeated. Only then will a new Middle East be born.



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