[Marxism] NYTimes report sees Hezbollah, Nasrallah aswinner so far -- US as big loser

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 30 22:53:23 MDT 2006

Louis's report is very encouraging. It helps underscore just how much
Israel has already been defeated in Lebanon. No matter how many of the
Lebanese they're going ahead to kill, they have POLITICALLY lost this
round. There's really no other way to describe it. And it seems that
the Israelis are getting more and more crazed and desperate. 

A friend in L.A. tells me that the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., on
Meet The Press [or should it be more like Robin Maisel used to call 
it "Beat The Press" or "Mace The Nation"], "What would the U.S. do if
Cuba bombed Miami. Now that's a real sign of desparation on behalf of
Israeli propaganda in the United States that the Israelis are trying
to drum up support like that on that basis in the United States. Of
course they know that some people in the U.S. would be willing to 
believe nearly anything about Cuba, having heard it demonized for
nearly fifty years. Counter-vailing this, as Louis ALSO pointed to
earlier this morning, is the growing thirst from oil within the U.S:

Furthermore, it's a very good sign that this time there's little or 
no debate about the nature of the resistance to the Israeli blitzkrieg 
over Lebanon. So far, the only whining I've seen on the political left 
has been one left group which opposes the Iraqi resistance and which 
today calls the Lebanese people's resistance "capitalist", the term 
they use when they want to signal to their readers that this is a 
group which should NOT be supported, though they don't openly say
that they shouldn't be supported. THE MILITANT seems really to be
rather in awe at what they see as Washington's and Tel Aviv's
"advantage against Tehran and Damascus, as well as Hezbollah."!!

THEIR (Washington's and Israel's!!) A-D-V-A-N-T-A-G-E?!?!?!? 

Someone posted a message earlier today about the proposal that 
a billion Lebanese would march to demand an end to the Israeli
attacks on their country. Imagine, a "Million Lebanese March".
I understand that the Lebanese government told Condoleezza Rice
not to come to Lebanon today. Perhaps a few of those Lebanese
who were so hot to have the Syrians out of their country have
now had a vew second thoughts. Israel wasn't bombing them when
Syrian troops were occupying parts of Lebanon not long ago...
Any information on that Lebanese march idea?

Tel Aviv and the U.S. rulers seek to press their advantage
against Tehran and Damascus, as well as Hezbollah, a 
capitalist party that calls for an "Islamic Republic."  

COMMENT: You might wonder why THE MILITANT puts quotation marks 
around the phrase "Islamic Republic", since they go to the Tehran 
Book Fair every year and report landoffice business selling 
Pathfinder literature, in the "Islamic Republic of Iran."

Here's an example from THE MILITANT in 2003:

Many people who currently speak or read little English visited the
foreign publishers' hall. Groups of high-school-age youth were often
attracted into the Pathfinder stand by the displays of enlarged
copies of covers of Pathfinder titles. Some of these youth were happy
to learn that they could obtain Farsi translations of some of
Pathfinder's titles at the stands of two Iranian publishers-Golazin
and Talaye Porsoo-in the local section of the fair. Talaye Porsoo has
published Farsi translations of 13 Pathfinder titles, three of which
sold more than 50 copies at the book fair, the publisher reported.
Many customers at the Pathfinder booth were glad to learn about the
increased availability of such books in Farsi. Several said they
would look for the next publication from Talaye Porsoo, due out in a
couple of weeks. That book is U.S. Imperialism Has Lost the Cold War
by Jack Barnes, a translation of the lead article from issue no. 11
of New International.

LOUIS PROYECT reported: 
I just saw the most amazing coverage on FOX cable news, the network
of scumbag rightwinger Rupert Murdoch. A reporter was in the midst of
a demonstration in Lebanon and said that Hezbollah was made stronger
by the Israeli attack. He cited an 82 percent approval rating for
Hezbollah and that it could take power in the next election, all
other things being equal. The net result would be a radical Islamic
state on Israel's Northern border.

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