[Marxism] Stan Goff on Pat Tillman and the Jesus freaks

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Mon Jul 31 07:49:15 MDT 2006


Playing the Atheism Card Against Pat Tillman’s Family
Posted on Jul 28, 2006

By Stan Goff

Lt. Col. Ralph Kauzlarich has taken Christ into his heart, or so he says. 
Like my old colleague, Lt. Gen. William G. (“Jerry”) Boykin, he has also 
carried the organically entrapped messiah onto the heathen-infested 
battlegrounds of Southwest Asia. Kauzlarich is the subject of my exposition 
today, but Boykin is his context.

You all remember Jerry Boykin—the general who, as part of the Bush 2003 
civil relations effort in Iraq, called Muslims idol worshippers.

Back in the Reagan days, Boykin and I were simultaneously assigned to the 
allegedly super-secret Delta Force.  He was a major then, and he would 
organize prayer breakfasts for the unit, driving many of us out of the 
building to purchase sausage-biscuits.  His evangelical lunacy was already 
under siege then.  Special Operations is a motley fraternity, in which 
operators are as likely to worship Odin or an oak tree as they are to 
attend Sunday services.




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