[Marxism] Make an Alliance with Israeli Leftists, Esp. the Alternative Information Center

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 08:39:55 MDT 2006

Sayan's question about anti-Semitism among Arabs and Muslims prompts
me to bring this up.  If you are a leftist who lives in the West, ally
yourself with Israeli leftists.  By Israeli leftists I do not mean the
Peace Now crowd, the Labor Party, etc.  I mean leftists who are ready
to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians who call for boycotts of
and divestments from Israel, and who genuinely desire and work hard to
bring about one state with equal rights for all in Israel/Palestine,
like those who run the Alternative Information Center:
<http://alternativenews.org/>.  It is a very tiny group, but voices
like theirs, if heard widely in the United States and the rest of the
West, can help combat both anti-Semites and anti-New-Anti-Semitism
mongers like no other.  Their analysis of the political economy of
Israel/Palestine is also indispensable.

I recommend that all organizations on the Left in the West take out
bulk subscriptions to News from Within, an excellent publication put
out by the Alternative Information Center, and distribute copies of
it.  It's better to distribute them than whatever publications your
own organization puts out!

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