[Marxism] Spain Slams Israel for Qana Bloodbath

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 31 12:09:26 MDT 2006

Spain Slams Israel for Qana Bloodbath

Madrid, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) The Spanish government and main
political parties put their differences aside and joined to condemn
the Israeli bombing of a refuge in the Lebanese city of Qana, where
57 civilians were killed, mostly children and women.

Spain promptly responded to the new Israeli attack and expressed its
sorrow to the Lebanese government and relatives of the victims.

In addition, Spain called once again for an immediate cease-fire.

A few hours after starting a tour of Latin American, the vice
president of the Spanish government Mar¡a Teresa Fern ndez de la Vega
noted that the deaths of more civilians cannot be tolerated. She
equally condemned an escalation of violence that will unleash more
hate, resentment, and less security in the region.

The general coordinator of United Left Party, Gaspar Llamazares, made
strong statements when he urged the Spanish government, the European
Union and the UN to sanction Israel for violating the human rights
agreed at the Geneva Convention.

But a surprise was given by the opposition and conservative Popular
Party, which until Sunday justified the Tel Aviv aggression with the
argument that Israel had the right to defend itself.

For the first time and amid the political confrontation caused by the
Israel-Lebanon conflict, the Popular Party launched a harsh attack on
Israel, when its spokesman Gustavo de Aristegui condemned the Israeli
killing of Lebanese civilians in Qana City, called for a cease-fire
and UN conflict resolution.

Anti-war organizations also gathered in front of the Israeli embassy
in Madrid to protest against Tel Aviv's bombings in Lebanon and
Palestine, and claim the end of the Israeli hostilities.

Israel began its aggression of Lebanon on July 12, killing hundreds
among the civil population.


UNICEF Slams Israeli Attack on Qana

Madrid, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations Children's Fund
condemned the Israeli air strikes against the Lebanese city of Qana,
where 57 civilians were killed, mostly children, and called for an
end to hostilities.

In a report published in the Spanish capital, UNICEF denounced that
Tel Aviv's air raids on a Qana refuge, saying it showed once more
that children pay the price of wars.

Due to this, stressed the report, UNICEF strongly condemns attacks
against the civil population, mainly those in which children are the
main target.

The text also calls for a response to the cease-fire request made by
UN secretary general Kofi Annan, and demands free and secure access
for humanitarian operations.

UNICEF is giving aid to Lebanese children, who represent half of the
800,000 displaced in Lebanon and refugees who have entered in Syria.

The international organization announced on Monday that an airplane
coming from Jordan will arrive in Lebanon, carrying the second
humanitarian aid shipment, including water, food and medicine.



Blair's Threats to Iran, Syria, the Whole Middle East

Ameriac and Britain still do not see the need for a ceasefire in the
Middle East, even though the whole world wants an end to the
hostilities immediately.

At a joint press conference at the White House on Friday, neither
President George Bush nor Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke of a

While the American president emphasised the need for a multinational
force to be in place "quickly", the British prime minister
sidetracked the issue and instead chose to warn Syria and Iran of
"the risk of increasing confrontation".

President Bush said a multinational force would help speed up the
delivery of relief goods, enable the isplaced persons to return home
and re-establish the Lebanese government's writ in the country.

There is no doubt that an international force can achieve all this,
but must the slaughter go on and civilians be subjected to bombing
and rocketing while diplomats work out the nitty-gritties of
deploying a peace force on the Israeli-Lebanese border?

Could not the details be worked out after a ceasefire had been
effected and further death and destruction in both countries stopped?

The funniest part of Mr Blair's advice to Syria and Iran was that
they should behave as "proper and responsible members of the
international community".

Truly speaking, if there is a country in the Middle East, or perhaps
in the world, which should be the recipient of this gratuitous advice
it is Israel.

No country in the world has behaved so recklessly, irresponsibly and
callously and which glories in shedding human blood as Israel.

It has waged wars on all its neighbours repeatedly, taken territory
from Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, annexed the Golan Heights and
Al Quds in violation of international law, and was forced to leave
south Lebanon in disgrace after 18 years of resistance from

It is still in occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, where
in defiance of various UN resolutions it has attempted to bring about
a demographic change by force to alter these territories'
Arab-Islamic character.

Its record of targeted assassinations, its attacks on houses killing
civilians and its repeated massacres of Palestinians constitute a
story unto itself.

The massacres at Sabra-Shatila and Jenin are a reflection perhaps
less on Israel and more on those who have given it a carte blanche to
rule the occupied territories and bully its neighbours through force.

The murder of UN observers the other day by Israel is just one
example of its utter disregard for human life and sacred

Let us recall here Israel's attack on USS Liberty, killing 34 and
wounding 173 Americans, during the 1967 war, and the Israeli rocket
attack that massacred over 106 women and children at the Qana refugee
camp in Lebanon in 1996.

It was not a mistake, for an Israeli drone flew over the camp before
the rocket struck. The video tape of the drone's flight, recorded by
a UN observer, mysteriously disappeared.

What Mr Blair hinted at is too dreadful to visualise.

An attack on Syria and Iran will turn the Muslim heartland - from
Afghanistan to Lebanon - into a war zone and will produce
consequences that will be horrifying for the world in general and
America and its proconsul in the Middle East in particular.

Instead of trying to chasten Syria and Iran, Washington and London
should try to rein in their bully boy in the region and work for an
immediate ceasefire to save human lives in Lebanon and Gaza.


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