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Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Mon Jul 31 14:21:02 MDT 2006

A tough nut to crack, this one, at least if Franz Fanon was correct. I
think David's view of the issue is right. Palestinian people may well have
internalized the lessons that Zionism so ably teaches: That
Zionism=Judaism, and that Arabs can expect no justice from that quarter.
In other words that Jews are the oppressors. I can't see Palestinians
making a fine distinction between Jews and Israelis as long as there is an
occupation, and I don't think criticism of the resistance is in order for
failing to make that distinction. And, after the triumph, say, of the Arab
people, let's say for argument's sake, according to our maximum program --
a socialist, democratic Palestine, much depends on the persistence of
racism and how reconciliation is handled. Would reconciliation mean a
papering-over of crimes, as was done in South Africa? How would demands
for reparations be handled? As African American reparation demands are
handled here? I don't think for a minute that criticisms by the anti-war
forces in imperialist countries of resistance groups for alleged
anti-semitic views will do ANYTHING to help current Palestinian struggles
or future harmony. The ONLY thing that might have such an impact would be
SIGNIFICANT criticism of (and action against)  Israel on the part of the
international and Israeli JEWISH community.


>> So, we have to ask, partly in response to the Zionists, about Arab
>> anti-Semitism: "true in some cases, but WHY do they hate Jews?". The
>> answer, of
>> course, is that they fight against the occupier and THIS is the only
>> question at
>> the end of the day.
> When the fight against the Tel Aviv-Washington axis will end in a
> victory for the Palestinians and other Arabs, will they be able to
> live with Jews and vice versa?  After all, a majority of Israeli Jews
> and their ancestors did not originally come from Europe -- they are
> Jews who came from various places in the Middle East, like Iraq, Iran,
> Egypt, etc.  Forthright criticism of actually-existing anti-Semitism
> not only will help the Palestinians in resistance but also will help
> the Palestinians, as well as Jews, live lives after the occupation --
> hard as it may be to imagine them now -- in peace.
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