[Marxism] Protesters: War a man's issue

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Mon Jul 31 15:44:15 MDT 2006

From: "kersplebedeb" <info at kersplebedeb.com>

>i think the argument - if it really needs spelling out - is that war is 
>causd by a particular kind of system (capitalism) which is also patriarchal 
>(not to mention racist). it's not that women are not involved in war (and 
>always have been), it's that wars are caused by a system which is male 
> In the same way that the proletariat may either willingly participate or 
> else be forced to participate in war, but that doesn't mean that war is 
> not (as Jesse Jack correctly notes) a consequence of class society.
> The question (which we may still disagree about) is whether this class 
> society "has gender". This has very much become a "make it or break it" 
> question for whether or not we can see what is happening in the world.
I think the question is less whether such a society, and the wars it 
creates, 'have gender' (I'd be surprised if many would disagree that gender 
is a factor to some degree) as of whether gender is the primary determinant. 
That latter position I cannot accept; furthermore I think the sort of 
feminism that assigns an a priori ontological view to gender is incompatible 
with Marxism.


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