[Marxism] Friends and Enemies (was How to answer these questions?)

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 15:52:20 MDT 2006

On 7/31/06, kersplebedeb <info at kersplebedeb.com> wrote:
> i'm not assuming Hamas or Hizbullah are my "friends" (and i think they'd
> woof their cookies at the idea) - not only in terms of their possibly
> anti-semitic positions, but also in regards to their positions on women
> and queers - so i would criticize because they're making wrongheaded
> statements, not in a desire of "not letting them make fools of
> themselves"... but i do take Yoshie's point.
> It is condescending - and borders on outright racism - to accept that
> people from oppressed nations can offer up the Protocols as if they were
> real, and keep quiet because "they've got a right to be pissed".

Pleased to see you agree with me on my main point.

But let me offer another perspective on friends and enemies.  At the
risk of raising yet another controversy, I'd venture that Hizbullah,
Hamas, the Iranian government, and the type of Muslims who belong to
roughly those currents of Islam are our friends, or, more precisely,
our protectors.  Why?  Because we are in the midst of a three-front
war against:

* the Tel Aviv-Washington axis

* the Arab power elites allied with the Tel Aviv-Washington Axis
(Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt -- in that order)


* the type of international jihadists who behead people like Daniel
Pearl and slit the throats of people like Tom Fox (a Christian
peacemaker), take schoolchildren hostage and kill them at Beslan, bomb
a Shia mosque in Samarra (one of the turning points in the dramatic
increase in sectarian murders in Iraq), and so on.

Based in the West, the only thing we can do here is to protest against
Washington, in the hope of reining it in even a little bit.  More or
less, Arabs and Muslims are left to their own devices to fight against
all three of them.  To the extent that Hizbullah, Hamas, the Iranian
government, and their ilks -- people who can think rationally and
strategically and are capable of including women among their ranks --
attract the allegiance of more Arabs and Muslims and prevail against
the Tel Aviv-Washington axis, the Arab power elite who collaborate
with it, and international jihadists of an apocalyptic tendency,
people in the Middle East are safer, and so are we.  Hard as it may be
for you to believe, it is they who stand between us and apocalypse.

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