[Marxism] Psychology (What Non-Jewish Leftists Owe Jewish Leftists)

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 17:06:14 MDT 2006

On 7/31/06, Ian Pace <ian at ianpace.com> wrote:
> > How
> > may we repay them?  By not tolerating real anti-Semitism wherever we
> > see it, even if it arises among those whom we continue to defend in
> > all ways that matter.
> Sure - but that means being pretty strongly condemnatory of fundamental
> aspects of Hezbollah/Hamas ideology. It's not easy to do that if lending
> some sympathy.

I do not think that anti-Semitism is essential to the ideologies of
Hamas, Hizbullah, and the like.  What is fundamental to them is the
desire to end the occupation.  Anti-Semitism is quite incidental to
it, a spillover of their fierce anti-Zionism.

But the spillover is damaging, not just to Jews but also to
Palestinians and other Arabs, and it has to be combated in its own

It's all too common for Western leftists, though, to go easy on vices
like anti-Semitism of resistance movements like Hamas and Hizbullah
and Third World governments like Iran that are up against the
multinational empire even while treating them as enemies.  I recommend
we do the opposite: condemn their vices forthrightly and preemptively
(before our enemies attack them) -- which goes hand in hand with
correcting any factual misrepresentations or exaggerations of them --
while recognizing that they are in effect our strategic allies,
whether they or we like it or not, so much so that our asses _can_ go
down when their asses go down, given what the greed and arrogance of
the Tel Aviv-Washington axis and the ruthless terrorism of sectarian
jihadists can together unleash on the world.

Condemning their vices, imho, won't subtract from whatever sympathy
Western leftists want Americans and other Westerners to have for them
or their constituencies -- as a matter of fact, those who do not have
any flaws attract little sympathy, for they do not appear human.  That
is a psychological truth that socialists worldwide, still suckers for
the socialist-realist-style magnification of heroic virtues after all
these years, have seldom understood, so they tend to air-brush away
any vices they find in those whom they support.  Paint leaders as well
as their rank and file as just as they really are.  They would look
more believable and perhaps even interesting.

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