[Marxism] The national question

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 08:04:10 MST 2006

> Just for clarification's sake, can someone please
> document this charge?
> The accusation gets tossed around like a teenager in
> a mosh pit, but
> damned if I can find instances where Marxists
> established a tradition of
> telling African-Americans and Latino people what to
> do.

That's not hard at all.

1)  When ISOers drive from the university into a poor
neighborhood and an all black meeting on police
violence and get up, with a pretense that everyone can
read plain as day, and tell people what the answers
are (and tell people their paper has the answers too)
even though they don't plan on staying in that
community after 9PM or returning to devote any
resources to the struggle in that community.

Or for that matter any group that is mainly white and,
really. intends to do nothing but recruit mostly
middle class people on an intellectual basis, but has
the pretense of thinking it knows what Black or Latino
people should do.  They really only think they know in
their white intellectual arrogance, they don't
actually know, because they are going off book
knowledge not experience in the struggle in these
communities.  Besides what they say doesn't matter
because they have no credibility in these communities.

Mark Lause's post in reply to you was right on. 
Pointing out that the flip side of this is empty calls
for "self-determination" justified by "we can't tell
black people what to do."  Telling oppressed people
what to do when you have no intent on basing yourself
in their communities - OR telling oppressed people we
support you doing whatever you want because we really
aren't going to be based in your communities or
devoting a lot of resources to your struggles.  Or the
resources we devote are going to be mobilizing our
base, white people, in support of you.  As ML writes
those two options are equally stupid.

Like I said in my post a revolutionary party in the
U.S. will be based in the Black and Latino proletariat
at least in the major coastal cities.  Then it won't
be a question of self-determination or telling people
we have answers for them but a question of the Black
and Latino proletarian leadership forging positions
and solutions for the entire proletarian movement.

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