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I'm sorry to learn from this thread that John Sarge was expelled from the SWP in 2000. Sarge did good work in Houston. I'm sure he is still doing good work. 

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In my recollection of the motivation for the<br>turn, I don't recall predictions of imminent upsurge<br>so much at least in the written materials.  Perhaps<br>at plenums etc. the rhetoric was more frenzied.  <br>Certainly any talk of immediate upsurge had to be<br>reduced in the early 80's when Barnes used the term<br>"route" to describe the unchallenged offensive of the<br>capitalists.<br><br>To me the role played by industrial workers in the<br>Russian revolution was a good reason for some<br>colonization.  The elimination of teachers' fractions<br>etc. was not necessary or helpful.  <br><br>For me personally I didn't mind blue collar work as opposed<br>to being in an office where you probably have to <br>play office politics.  Ironically, if I had remained in the<br>SWP one more year I would almost certainly have shared<br>the fate of John Sarge who was expelled in 2000 for being<br>an autoworker in the city of Detroit, Mich. and not wanting <br>to be a meatpacker.  
Supposedly the meatpacking industry<br>is the center of the "sea change" in working class<br>consciousness.  <br><br>I concur with Fred's suggestion that maybe those who<br>were unjustly expelled got the better end of the bargain.<br>The last 9 years or so I spent in the SWP were rough.<br>I remember in 1991 after I had pointed out in pre-<br>convention documents that U.S. imperialism did not <br>lose the Cold war or "break its teeth" in the first Persian<br>Gulf War, Steve Clark and Greg McCartan wrote, "the<br>despairing voice of Joe C., while maybe not from another<br>planet, is not the voice of workers who want to fight."<br><br>This from someone (Clark) who I don't think ever worked <br>a day in a factory or carried out any kind of activity in unions<br>or among ordinary workers.  <br><br>"Fraction activity" consisted mostly of literature sales.<br>When some comrades at the Tarreytown GM plant in NY<br>carried this to its logical conclusion and carried out a<br>truly 
frenzied sales effort the last several months that<br>the plant was open, sending in some more people<br>just months before it was scheduled to close (including<br>Fred F.), they were castigated as if the leadership had <br>told them to do something else.<br><br>One of the last national fraction meetings I attended,<br>included discussion of a dress code for these meetings,<br>that consisted of "business casual" attire - no blue jeans.<br>This absurdity in the Holiday Inn in Des Moines, Iowa<br>where almost everyone in the hotel was wearing jeans.<br>I guess that's my final surreal memory for tonite.<br><br><br>________________________________________________<br>YOU MUST clip all extraneous text before replying to a message.<br>Send list submissions to: Marxism at lists.econ.utah.edu<br>Set your options at: http://lists.econ.utah.edu/mailman/listinfo/marxism<br>

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