[Marxism] Joseph Weydemeyer; Engels supplied the North cannon through Weydemeyer ?

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Wed Mar 1 10:00:13 MST 2006

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On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 16:00:55 -0500, Charles Brown wrote:
>> but there it is in the article in March 1862 , 
>> which is before Sherman's army actually carried it out. 

You mentioned that this strategy layout was published in the Vienna 
(Austria) newspaper called "Die Presse". I don't know, if Marx sold the 
same article to the New York Tribune, and if that one published it. In 
1862 Marx complained that the Tribune would print less of his articles 
and pay less... 
Lüko Willms

article referred to above was not printed in the _new york tribune_...

marx wrote 6 articles about the civil war for the _new york daily tribune_
prior to the newspaper ending its decade-long relationship with him (*see
comment below about this*), during this same time, marx wrote 35 articles
about the civil war for the vienna newspaper _die presse_ (2 of which engel
co-authored, the latter of which you posted excerpt from yesterday)...

marx's relationship with the _tribune_ was difficult, newspaper paid by the
piece and only when the piece ran under a writer's by-line, so km didn't get
paid for unprinted articles, moreover, the paper sometimes published his
articles either as unsigned editorials or as "from our foreign correspondent" 
for which he recived smaller payment...

marx was only foreign journalist that _trib_ maintained after southern states
seceded in 1861, however, it published none of his submissions for the
remainder of that year, it printed 8 in early 1862, his final article
warning against intervention of european powers in mexico during u.s. civil 

_die presse_ also treated marx pretty badly during the 18 months or so that he
submitted articles to it, pay was less than tribune, paper apparently ignored
good number of articles, 52 actually appeared, marx claimed that was about 25% 
of the number he sent in, as with the _trib_, he was only paid for articles that
were printed, he would tell engels that he stopped sending anything to _die press_
because he had only made enough in three months to just barely pay a debt his
family owed to a local butcher...   mh  

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