[Marxism] Labor’s Militant Voice Statement on Delphi

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 1 10:06:59 MST 2006

Labor’s Militant Voice Statement on Delphi

The Employers Can Be Stopped Starting With Delphi
(but not without returning to the methods of the thirties...)

These are the methods we used to build our Unions and win the gains we have 
had ever since:

"Several thousand strikers marched to Chevrolet plant No. 9 from Union 
headquarters. They were led by Roy Reuther and Powers Hapgood. GM 
informers, as had been expected, had tipped off management about the march 
on # 9. Armed Flint detectives and company guards had been installed in the 
plant. The workers inside began yelling "sit-down!" and a forty-minute 
battle was waged inside the plant. The Women's Emergency Brigade, organized 
and led by Genora Johnson (now Dollinger), fought heroically on the 
outside, smashing the windows to permit the tear gas to escape from the 
plant." (Art Preis: Labor’s Giant Step)

Compare the description above to the response of the UAW today:

we assure you that we will vigorously use our experience, expertise and 
resources to do everything we possibly can to protect the interests of 
UAW-Delphi active workers and retirees throughout this difficult 

In addition, in anticipation of Delphi’s filing, we retained 
Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP, a New York law firm that has represented the 
UAW and other unions in most of the major corporate bankruptcies in recent 

In other words, mass action and power of the workers in the 1930’s compared 
to getting advice from some law firm today. We must go back to the methods 
that produced results, that won us what we have today.

full: http://www.soldiersofsolidarity.com/id240.html



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