[Marxism] Weydemeyer's rank

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Mar 1 13:40:37 MST 2006

As for Engels brokering cannons-- baloney, never happened.  Records of
orders of battle,
artillery deployed, and then production orders for artillery make it clear
that no such brokering
by Engels ever took place.

"Logical" thinking and analysis, in a vacuum, detached from the actual
history of events
is of dubious value when discussing the actual history of events.


CB: The actual event here is the letter from Engels to Weydemeyer, to which
logic was applied.  Discussing obtaining cannons is not proof that cannons
were obtained, as I said. However, it is some evidence in the sense that
their discussing it makes it more likely that they did what they said than
if we found nothing of their discussing it.

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