[Marxism] Joseph Weydemeyer; Engels supplied the North cannon through Weydemeyer ?

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Interesting sidebar on Schurz:  During the movement of the Army of the Potomac
west to Tennessee by rail to relieve Rosencrans after Chickamauga, Schurz made
the mistake of trying to override the instructions of the B&O trainmaster, who had
ordered that Schurz's troops depart without their general, since Schurz was late.

Schurz  tried to order that a telegaph message(called a train
order, or Form 19 as 19 was the wire signal sent to the agents along the line
indicating orders were going to be transmitted) be sent ahead holding the trains
for his arrival.  No such order was sent, at the instructions of the trainmaster, and
the troops departed on time.

As Schurz continued to attempt to contravene the trainmaster's instructions, the
trainmaster contacted the B&O Master of Transportation who contacted Stanton who
issued orders for any army officer of any rank interfering with the instructions of
a railroad official to be arrested and face courts martial.   Always liked Stanton.

Usual mythology is that US railroads took their management organ-
ization from the Union Army in the Civil War.  Actually,  McCallum when he was
Gen Supt. of the Erie (before become head of the US Military RRs under Lincoln)
had developed and published a guide and manual for railroad management.  It
was that "table of organization," that strongly influenced the senior officers of
the Union Army, trained as engineers at West Point, and several of whom had
worked for railroad prior to the war.


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