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Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Wed Mar 1 16:05:18 MST 2006

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006 15:40:37 -0500, Charles Brown wrote:

> CB: The actual event here is the letter from Engels to Weydemeyer, 
> to which logic was applied.  
> Discussing obtaining cannons is not proof that cannons
> were obtained, as I said. However, it is some evidence 
> in the sense that their discussing it makes it more likely 
> that they did what they said than if we found nothing 
> of their discussing it. 

  Dear Charles, I had the enormous enjoyment of reading all the 
correspondence of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels as published by Dietz 
Verlag, i.e. known by the 1970ies, and I can tell you a) that there is 
no trace at all that Engels engaged in any arms trading, or even 
brokering of trade arrangements between the US (i.e. Union) army and the 
Prussian army about the sale of cannons, or any other trade in arms. 

  I also can also tell you b) that F. Engels did not like at all to be 
tied to the commerce of cotton, lest in arms, and that he had been 
immensly relieved to cut loose of it once he had sold his 50% share in 
the firm "Ermen & Engels" in Manchester[1], so that he could finally 
move to London, near to where Karl Marx was living, in 1870. I'm only 
sorry that the nearly daily correspondence between Marx and General (a 
nickname gained by Engels because of his military knowledge) ended, 
since they could talk together just by walking to each other's house. 

Comradely yours, 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

[1] inherited from his father

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