[Marxism] Returning to the Methods of the Thirties: A Program of Mass Action by Soldiers of Solidarity

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 16:39:40 MST 2006

>   Well, I would think of such a conference ... they
> would talk bullshit, 
> and nothing comes out of it. 


>   Remember the strikers at Eastern Airlines: "One
> day longer" -- we stay 
> out one day longer than the boss. They go bankrupt,
> we find another 
> employment. 

So workers should keep their heads down and hope for
the best?
You are advocating the set of ideas that the
bureaucrats use to terrorize the workers into not
fighting.  The ideological component of the 30 years
long reaction we've been living through.  The point is
to break from the team concept which is what you're

The team concept means that when the bosses have
problems the workers pay the price.  They fight the
wars, take the pink slips, rebuild disaster zones,
whatever.  The point is to say fuck you, you pay.  If
the bosses companies do collapse, let the bosses
government take the companies over and keep them
running.  Giving us a decent life is their problem,
not ours.

Besides, Ford is still profitable on an international
level.  I believe GM is operating at a loss?  But
LMV's statement is right on.  Turn back these
employers and it's likely that would be the beginning
of a reversal in the capitalist offensive and a more
general mobilization of the workers.  I haven't been
following the auto situation that closely but it
sounds like this is one of the biggest openings in a
long time in the UAW.

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