[Marxism] Did Cannon have a .. shorter title?

Ben Courtice benj2006 at connexus.net.au
Wed Mar 1 19:59:38 MST 2006

Thanks for the considered response, Joaquin, especially the analysis of 
Stalin's pamphlet, which is food for thought. Some of what you raised 
was also raised in Malik's piece. I too will re-read his and Norm's 
contributions, and now Stalin and Lenin too. (Maybe Norm wants to add 
his 2cents worth as well if he's following this thread?)

My essential -- practical -- confusion with your argument is not 
necessarily over formal definitions, however.

On what programme will a Black national struggle organise itself? For 
its own state power? How would/could such a state power co-exist or 
otherwise deal with the already existing US imperial state? Given that 
separating "Black" territory is (as far as I know) more difficult than 
separating the nationalities in the former Yugoslavian Bosnia, what sort 
of actual nation could Black nationalists aspire to in victory? I 
understand the necessity for Blacks to organise themselves, as a group 
(nation, ethnicity, oppressed minority, however you term it). And to 
determine their own goals and methods of struggle, including Black 
Nationalism or whatever they choose. But if the Black struggle does 
become a power for change, is it likely to take its own separate 
national road? I would expect that, quite apart from the obvious 
hispanic/latino, chicano and native American movements, even white 
communities would take great encouragement from any such Black movement. 
In that situation would Black nationalism continue to be necessary or 
popular even?

If a formal definition is just a matter of labels, bugger that, I'll go 
with whatever label the black community wants to use. But if we're 
discussing Marxist theory, I'm interested in what your take is on the 
(usually assumed) implications of using the term nation -- which, up to 
now, I've assumed were the key features identified in Stalin's article. 
Especially territory: two (or more) nations with an identical territory 
-- how to solve this problem?

Ben Courtice

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