[Marxism] German Left Unity Endangered

Ben Courtice benj2006 at connexus.net.au
Wed Mar 1 20:17:10 MST 2006

Nobby posted an article from the German CWI (English socialist Party, 
ex-Militant) about the dispute in the Berlin WASG/PDS alliance:
There's an interesting counter article in the MR Zine by Victor Grossman 

which outlines how this move could potentially derail the whole WASG/PDS 
alliance, or damage it anyhow.

"The WASG in Berlin has decided to poll its membership in the city-state 
before making a final decision.  There are only about 800 WASG members 
in Berlin, compared with about 10,000 Left-PDS members.  Not a few of 
the WASG members in Berlin are former members of the PDS who quit in 
protest -- some are very dogmatic types, some are simply sticking to 
strong principles."

Going by the CWI's propagandistic abstention from recent left alliances 
(i.e. the Socialist Alliance) here in Australia I might guess that 
something similar is afoot. For all the faults/sellouts of the PDS, 
isn't the WASG also headed up by Lafontaine, who was previously in the 
Social-Democrat leadership and government? So what's so principled about 
working with one but not the other?

Or am I missing something?

Ben Courtice

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