[Marxism] Black and Brown nationalism in the US today

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 20:49:37 MST 2006

Due to work I haven't had time yet to do more than skim the last few contributions
  still going on under the Cannon liquid subject line, but which now have moved on to
  something more like the subject line above. But two points:
  1) Regardless of our positions on what Cannon thought before 1959, I couldn't agree
  more with Joaquin on the impact of the Cuban Revolution (and I would add all
  post-WWII anticolonial struggles) on the heightened receptivity to, and understanding
  of, revolutionary nationalism by the SWP. (Maoists never thought we really got
  it right, and it pays to listen to their reasons, both good and bad.)
  2) If the contributions on Stalin's pamphlet seems arcane to some list members,
  not to worry. It's useful background for what I hope we'll be discussing soon: the
  concrete terrain facing oppressed nationalities in the US today. No-one can deny
  that the demographics, class structure, regional dispersal, etc. of Blacks, Latina/os,
  Asians, Native Americans, etc., have changed dramatically, in some ways 
  qualitatively, even since the 1960's.
  In an article I just finished for SA on Katrina nonreconstruction, I mentioned the
  abuse of Latino workers brought in by subsubcontractors, and the fact that
  organizers working with them were benfitting from groundwork laid by groups
  like BWFJ that have been organizing admirably around Black/Latino worker 
  relations in the South (and have done so admirably). Today a janitors' strike started at 
  the U of Miami of mostly Cuban and Haitian immigrants (against President Donna 
  Shalala) which further bears witness to the importance of getting this all right.
  Yes, in the 1960's, there was Black/Latin unity in the first organizing among
  hospital workers in NY (including visits by Malcolm to the picket line!).
  But one of our tasks is to assess how far that spread and
  how much further it needs to spread based on the changes I described.

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