[Marxism] Did Cannon have a .. shorter title?

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 1 21:55:38 MST 2006

Ben Courtice writes, "My essential -- practical -- confusion with your
argument is not necessarily over formal definitions, however."

"On what programme will a Black national struggle organise itself? For
its own state power? How would/could such a state power co-exist or
otherwise deal with the already existing US imperial state? Given that
separating 'Black' territory is (as far as I know) more difficult than
separating the nationalities in the former Yugoslavian Bosnia, what sort
of actual nation could Black nationalists aspire to in victory?" 

There is a territoriality associated with the Black population in the
U.S., and that is the South. Many Blacks do speak of or look to the
South as "home." If Blacks were to opt to create a separate state, that
is most likely where it would be.

That said, I think that you identify "nationalism" with separatism or a
very defined independence movement or a movement to constitute a
separate nation state much more strongly than I do. 

By Black nationalism I mean a sense of identification, pride, of
commonality or community, the idea that Blacks as Blacks, as a people,
face common problems and should seek common solutions. Whether this
drive to control their own destiny will find expression in a movement to
create a separate nation-state I do not know, I do not think there is
any way to know that with any certainty.

What this nationalism arises from is oppression. That's why I think it
is artificial to separate possible future variants into two camps, if
Blacks opt for separation, than it was a "national" movement, but if it
does not wind up with (or isn't heading in the direction of at a given
time) a movement to constitute a nation-state then it is something else.
That seems incoherent to me.


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