[Marxism] Chomsky "An Armageddon Of Our Own Making?" (1/19/06)

Jerry Wells jeremy at infowells.com
Thu Mar 2 07:24:21 MST 2006

This recent talk by Chomsky was heard 1-2am today on KPFK Los Angeles.
Details and free download link below.

1-2 Noam Chomsky, "An Armageddon of Our Own Making?"  (1/19/06)

Notes: Prof. Noam Chomsky repeated the urgent appeal to end
all war that was first issued by Bertrand Russell and Albert
Einstein half a century ago. The terrible contradiction of
our time is that the US is threatening war, including nuclear
strikes, against countries such as North Korea and Iran for
their alleged or real ownership of nuclear weapons while
actively dispersing these weapons and nuclear material for
reactors to countries of their liking, such as Israel.

While the US is withdrawing from all major treaties limiting
nuclear proliferation and use, such as the Nuclear Non-
Proliferation treaty, NTP, or the Anti Ballistic Missile
treaty, ABM, it is actively building so-called useable
nuclear weapons. In this speech Chomsky said if the US was
serious about stopping the spread of nuclear weapons it should
"stop compelling" other countries, such as Iran, to have them.
Talk is online for free download at www.radio4all.net 

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