[Marxism] NY producer sucks up to Zionists over Corrie play

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 11:08:19 MST 2006

I am really missing something. Walter says:
  "The play's producers didn't just ask the Zionists and then cave  in when the
   Zionists gave their (presumed) disapproval. As we  read, they tried to promote a
   broad public discussion of what  had happened to Rachel Corrie within the city of
   New York, a  very good thing."
  There was NO discussion, broad, public, or otherwise. There was an inquiry
  made to NY Zionists, and a decision made based solely on their opinion. 
  In one of the stories below the coeditor of the London play says:
  "I can only guess at the pressures of funding an independent theatre  company in New York, but calling this production 'postponed' does not  disguise the fact that it has been cancelled,' Mr Rickman said in a  statement.
  Now even without funding pressures the head of NYTW is so obviously a naive,
  apolitical fool that he might have caved in anyway. But the fact remains he
  made his decision based upon the wishes of the NY Zionist community.
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