[Marxism] Joseph Weydemeyer; Engels supplied the North cannon through Weydemeyer ?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Thu Mar 2 12:14:26 MST 2006

?Lüko Willms 
>>> I don't know if the Union got the idea _from_ Engels, 
>>   I'm quite sure that not. 

> Why are you quite sure? 

>> but there it is in the article in March 1862 , 
>> which is before Sherman's army actually carried it out. 

Luko:  You mentioned that this strategy layout was published in the Vienna
(Austria) newspaper called "Die Presse". I don't know, if Marx sold the same
article to the New York Tribune, and if that one published it. In 1862 Marx
complained that the Tribune would print less of his articles and pay less...

CB; If the article made it to anybody in the Union leadership, it may have
been through the progressive German immigrant community, which was in
politically conscious organizations, active in the U.S. politics,trade union
and workers movement (obviously) Republican Party issues , etc. There were
Communist Clubs in the big cities which were significantly following the
Marx/Engels party line.  Although the International was not formed until
late 1864, those who formed the International, including especially Marx and
Engels ,had been much involved in rallying the British workers against
Britain joining the war on the side of the South.

This is all still circumstantial. But there is enough circumstantial
evidence to wonder and search as to whether Marx and Engels' writings on the
war directly and on military science in general (by Engels) were channelled
to the Union leaders and military by the progressive and communist German
immigrant communities in the U.S.

Missives on military issues during a war _are_ likely to be secretive and
lost to posterity.


 Luko: Anyway, I don't think that a "real General" would pay much attention
to what some unimportant European scribbler would dare to think about
military strategy which is not his business... 

CB; Yea, a real general might not pay attention to Marx, but Engels was an
internationally recognized expert writer on military science.

"In 1857, at Marx's proposal, Engels began writing the military entries for
_The New American Cyclopedia_. He produced more than 60 articles, in which
he analysed the history of military science and warcraft." _Engels: His Life
and Works_ page( Progress 1987).

Perhaps the Anaconda-surrounding plan was a bluff to coverup what the real
Union plan was. In other words, the Union leaders had plan to cut the South
"in half" all along, and put out the other plan as a diversion. In this
sense, the approach Engels wrote on was so obvious that the Union leaders
didn't have to get it from Engels.

I just noticed the "American" in the title of the encyclopedia. This might
be a way that Engels would be known to American military officials as a
military expert from before the war. Engels was in his primary period of
scholarship and professing military science at the time of the Civil War.

 found my copy of biography of Weydemeyer, and pulled out my M&E Collected
Works Vol 19 January 1861-January 1864, and _Engels: Life and Work_, a big
photo/picture bio of Engels from Progress.

Weydemeyer was a homeboy of Marx and Engels. He first came in contact with
them at the Rheinische Zeitung in 1842 when he was a 24 year old Prussian
artillary lieutenant stationed in Minden ( Westphalia). He became a young
Hegelian and Marxist. He was very close to Marx and Engels. His wife and
Marx's corresponded.

He was on Fremont's staff at the beginning of the Union army fighting in
Missouri. He was in New York, and travelled from New York to Missouri with
Fremont. However, Fremont was removed from command of the Missouri Union
military fairly early on , if I read the passage correctly. Weydemeyer
remained , and led the victorious campaign against Confederate guerillas in

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