[Marxism] Re: German left unity endangered

Ben Courtice benj2006 at connexus.net.au
Thu Mar 2 15:27:06 MST 2006

Nigel Irritable wrote:
 > You are looking at things through a strangely
 > Australian-centric lense. There is zero connection
 > between the Socialist Alliance in Australia, a small
 > regroupment of elements of the far left dominated by
 > the DSP, and the situation in Germany which involves
 > real social forces and parties with a semi-mass
 > membership and support.

Well, I do know that much already about the differences between Germany 
and Australia. But the information that the WASG in Berlin is a small 
group of 800 or so, against the 10,000 of the Left-PDS, indicates that 
perhaps the actions of the CWI section there, and their co-thinkers, may 
reduce the WASG to the status of "a small regroupment of elements of the 
far left", instead of joining in with "real social forces and parties 
with a semi-mass membership and support" (in your words).

 > The fundamental issue in dispute is whether this new
 > party should simply be the annexation of the WASG by
 > the PDS, without any discussion about the policies and
 > methods of the new party (the desired goal of both the
 > PDS and the WASG leadership).

Well, I finished my post, "am I missing something?" And you appear to 
have provided "something". I can see the point being made by your 
comrades in Berlin. I am just asking -- along the lines of an accusation 
also thrown at the Socialist Alliance in Australia (erroneously in my 
view) -- is it possible that the well-meaning comrades of Berlin WASG 
will merely "capture themselves" with this maneuver?

Ben Courtice

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