[Marxism] SWP and the turn to industry

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When a long productive and dedicated cadre is expelled from the org, this situation to me seems generically sad and perhaps even tragic. One feels sorry for both parties that matters came to such a point. The separation, however, was no doubt the result of a complicated reality known but to the participants and a few others. This limits our ability even to speculate with any accuracy. This is why I recently suggested to listmembers the possibility of embarking on an edited work, based on the testimony of ex-SWPers, that might have interrogated the complicated, important relationship between cadre and party. Such a work might have built on the recent work by Barry S. and provided a more complete, sophisticated understanding of the important dynamics of the cadre/org relationship as well as of related matters. I didn't expect that the Barnes Foundation would welcome this suggestion, but I have been suitably impressed by the deafening silence that greeted my suggestion on this 
list. Among ex-SWPers, perhaps there is still residual pain from their separation, or a complex knot of high emotion that includes both pain and pride, or a reluctance to hang dirty laundry out in public, or still other considerations. But I am on the whole not optimistic that what is left unsaid is more important than what could be said and learned from.     

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