[Marxism] Re: South Dakota moves to outlaw abortion --> Mississippi House Considers Virtual Abortion Ban

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Fri Mar 3 05:16:04 MST 2006


Feminist Daily News Wire
March 2, 2006

Mississippi House Considers Virtual Abortion Ban
Mississippi's House is currently considering a ban on all abortions in
the state except those necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman
or girl. The amendment, which is very similar to the ban just passed
by South Dakota, is supported by anti-choice Mississippi Governor
Haley Barbour (R). Barbour has said he would probably sign the bill
with this amendment if it passes as expected in the state legislature,
although he would prefer to include exceptions for rape and incest,
according to the Associated Press.

Only one abortion clinic remains in the state of Mississippi – the
embattled Jackson Women's Health Organization. "Mississippi has been
extremely punitive to women's rights in a lot of different ways, so
this amendment is in keeping with this tradition," Susan Hill told Ms.
magazine, president of the National Women's Health Organization, which
owns the sole abortion clinic in Mississippi. "But we're not going
anywhere — we're going to fight this until the bitter end."

Mississippi has the highest teen birth rate and one of the highest
poverty and infant mortality rates in the country. A last-minute
addition to the amendment would require the state to pay for the
health care and education of all children until the age of 19 in
Mississippi whose mothers sought family counseling and chose to
continue their pregnancies.

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