[Marxism] Joseph Weydemeyer; Engels supplied the North cannon through Weydemeyer ?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Mar 3 09:39:29 MST 2006

 Michael Hoover 
i posted a comment on another list the other day about weydemeyer,
among other things, he was a surveryor on central park project, park 
designer frederick law olmstead and landscape architect calvert vaux, who
persuaded olmstead to take on the project, used forcible evictions to rid
site of hundreds of squatters..

weydemeyer, who was financial contributor to newspaper for which marx was
editor, a communist league member, and german '48er' came to u.s. in early
1850s where he became abolitionist and labor movement activist in nyc,
editing several journals aimed at working class immigrants, he supported
lincoln's presidential candidacy and volunteered for union army, appointed
artillery captain because of training in prussian military, he became
colonel assigned to command in missouri ozarks, he resigned his command
following a mutiny and died shortly after civil war's end from cholera...

CB: I wonder what Weydemeyer's abolitionist connections were. 

It seems to me that the two references I found to Weydemeyer as a Major
General are wrong. I think that rascal Mark Lause looked into some records
on military rank in Missouri. And the Weydemeyer biography I have has him as
a Lt. Colonel at his highest rank.

 I believe I sent you offlist a partial book report from the bio on
Weydemeyer, which comports with what you say above.

Weydemeyer was a homeboy of Marx and Engels. He first came into contact with
them at the Rheinische Zeitung in 1842 when he was a 24 year old Prussian
artillary lieutenant stationed in Minden ( Westphalia). He became a
fullfledged Marxist.

He was on Fremont's staff at the beginning of the Union army fighting in
Missouri. He was in New York ( as you mention), and travelled from New York
to Missouri with Fremont. However, Fremont was removed from command of the
Missouri Union military fairly early on , if I read the passage correctly.
Weydemeyer remained , and led the victorious campaign against Confederate
guerillas in Missouri. 

Fremont ran against Lincoln in 1864, and Weydemeyer played a role in
convincing Missourians to support Lincoln.


you may be thinking of another german 48er named carl schurz who was
lincoln's minister to spain for a time, rose to rank of major general in
union army, became
u.s. senator from missouri, and was hayes' secretary of the interior


CB: The thing I found had Schurz at only Brigadier General. Maybe he was
promoted. There were four other Germans who were Major Generals.

I don't know why the two sources have Weydemeyer as Major General. Maybe
they mix him up with Schurz.

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