[Marxism] US Left and Cartoon Crisis

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Mar 3 12:08:48 MST 2006

>As the world witnessed the Islamists reactionary campaign to impose their 
>taboo on the progressive humanity, the US left nationalist, as expected, 
>supported the Islamists.  They talked of "Denmark's Racist Cartoons," 
>praised the Islamists' protests, and tried to sell us the Islamist 
>campaign as a "fight against racism, xenophobia, colonialism, and 
>imperialism."  They told the whole world that the "Muslims are right to be 
>angry" and justified their savagery and hooliganism. They told us that the 
>freedom of press and right to blasphemy was irrelevant and portray it as 
>an imperialist conspiracy against Muslims. They called for protest in 
>solidarity with the Islamist currents.  They rushed and fell all over each 
>other to raise hue and cry against "Islam bashing," "the attack on the 
>Muslim world," and "insults against Prophet Muhammad." They ignorantly 
>conflated attack on religion with attack on people of color and claimed 
>that it was racist xenophobic to attack on Islam.  They tried to tell us 
>that there is a great confrontation between imperialism and the Islamic 
>Full Text at: http://ww4report.com/node/1686

No surprise here. Bill Weinberg is very much in sympathy with the Workers 
Communist Party of Iran and Iraq. Speaking of which, the Iranian group 
split some time ago with both groups denouncing each other as violating the 
precepts of their founder, the late Mansoor Hekmat whose image festoons 
each website. Weinberg is a self-proclaimed anarchist who has distinguished 
himself by rabid Serbophobia and by calling on US troops to remain in Iraq 
until order is restored. He backed off the second proposal after his 
anarchist buddies threatened to put a hungry wolverine down his trousers.

WCP-I # 1: http://www.hekmatist.com/english-index.htm

WCP-I #2: http://www.wpiran.org/english.htm



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