[Marxism] US Left and Cartoon Crisis

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> My article is a response to people who support the Islamists over the 
> cartoon crisis; some of these people are members of this email list. 


I am one of those who supports the oppressed, which at this point in history 
are followers and practitioners of a religion known as Islam.

If most of the world's oil reserves were located in Greenland, we'd be having 
this discussion about the Eskimos. Assuming that you are of the Left, based 
on your subscription to this list, I find it sad that you have allowed yourself 
to be diverted by ruling class propaganda 
from the issue that lies at the core of this debate, namely, the goal of US 
imperialism and its allies to spread the writ of the so-called Free Market to 
every corner of the planet.

Political Islam has arisen as the expression of resistance to this juggernaut 
of death and destruction by those most affected by it in the Middle East. As 
socialists we do not have friends, but we do have common interests, and right 
now those interests coincide with those of our Muslim brothers and sisters 
around the world.

Free speech in a capitalist society is by definition a privilege of wealth. 
Yes, any one of us can say what we like in the West, but unless we control a 
medium by which our voices can be heard then it becomes an exercise in futility. 

The right wing paper which published the cartoons refused previously to 
publish a cartoon satirizing Christianity. Denmark, by the way, is currently 
governed by the most right wing, reactionary government in Europe.


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