[Marxism] more on the CO teacher case

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 17:05:16 MST 2006

  " At least 150 Overland High School students walked out of class Thursday to protest administrators' decision to put a teacher on leave... which included some students who objected to Bennish's comments."
  [there's still a sense of fair play out there, at least among the youth!-AP]
  "Bennish described capitalism as a system "at odds with human rights."
   He also said there were "eerie similarities" between what Bush said during his Jan. 
  28 State of the Union address and "things that Adolf Hitler used to say." 
  [of course there were!]
  and at
  (Rocky Mountain News home, it's the lead story with tons of links)
  Has anyone contacted Educators Against War?

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