[Marxism] facts are important.

Katan Alder katanalder at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 4 12:53:07 MST 2006

In his last post Fred Feldman comments

>Thus I am not surprised that the expansion of Militant readership which 
>seems to be
>taking place (if reports in the paper are to be believed, which I
>suspect is a mixed bag but not a complete fake) is not reflected in any
>rise in membership.

If Fred would say not simply that he thinks that the some of the Militant 
coverage is fabricated, but also why he thinks this, it would be useful. ( 
For instance, does Fred know the 'true' expansion of the number of readers 

Also, could Fred perhaps say whether he thinks that this relates to all of 
the coverage, or just that on subscription drives.

Please dont take me to be challenging you fred- i always find your comments 
interesting- i am simply following up your post.

I am raising this because i think it is important (especially in light of 
the recent discussions on the US SWP)  for 'Marxmailers' to be given a clear 
picture of what can, and what cannot be verified by facts.


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