[Marxism] OPEN LETTER TO: Dr. Monte Moses, Superintendent Cherry Creek Schools

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 4 13:08:37 MST 2006

Dr. Monte Moses, Superintendent
Cherry Creek Schools


Teach vs. speech
How should public schools handle hot controversy in class?
A teacher's Comments on Bush stoke an ever-simmering debate
By Karen Rouse and Robert Sanchez
Denver Post Staff Writers
Article Launched: 3/03/2006 01:00 AM


Right-Wing Attack Dogs Go after a Colorado High School Teacher
by Michael D. Yates
March 3, 2006

And some of the "criminal" comments made by Jay Bennish:

"Among other things, Mr. Bennish asked his class which country
has the most weapons of mass destruction and answered the
United States.  He suggested that capitalism was inimical
to human rights and that the U.S. wants to create by military
force if necessary a world in its own image.  He suggested that
there were chilling similarities between Bush's words and those
of Hitler.  Right on the mark if you ask me!  Meanwhile, the
moronic Gunny Bob said that Bennish criticized capitalism
but was a capitalist himself (because he gets paid a wage?).
Finally, on March 3, the Denver Post noted that, near the end
of the recording, Mr. Bennish told his students, "You have
to figure this stuff out for yourselves. . . . I'm not in any way
implying that you should agree with me. . . . What I'm trying
to get you to do is think about these issues more in depth
and not just to take things from the surface."  And, "I'm glad
you [those students who challenged him] asked all of your
questions because they're all very good, legitimate questions." 
Sounds like a real brain washer to me!"

Dr. Monte Moses, Superintendent
Cherry Creek Schools
Phone: 720-554-4213
Email: <rmcintire at cherrycreekschools.org>
4700 South Yosemite Street
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Phone: 303-773-1184
Fax: 303-773-9884 

Dear Dr. Moses, 

I am appalled to read these articles and learn that geography
teacher, Jay Bennish, who teaches at Overland High School
in Aurora, Colorado is in trouble and out of work for things
he said in an honors geography class. What happened to
freedom of speech and for the right of students and teachers
to discuss freely the current events of the day. How can this
be avoided in a subject like geography?

Are our teachers to be given a script to read in the classroom
and the admonition to prohibit any discussion that deviates
from that script? 

And, even more outrageous, is the School District going to
dance to the tune of right-wing radio announcers? Is this
what our educational system is going to come to? Is congress
ready to appoint Bill O'Reiley and Fox's Hannity and Colmes
to head the Department of Education?

This is an outrageous travesty of justice that won't be
tolerated and has already attracted the attention of
people throughout our country.

Put Jay Bennish back to work with all of his back pay
(if he has lost any) and keep right-wing radio out
of the classroom!

Teachers like Jay are beacons of light and should be
cherished! His comments as reprinted above show
that he is the voice of reason.


Bonnie Weinstein, Bay Area United Against War

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