[Marxism] US Left and Cartoon Crisis

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>Subject: Re: [Marxism] US Left and Cartoon Crisis
>Did anyone on this list read this article by James Petras? It was eye-opening to me but he seems to be saying that the tail (Israel) is wagging the dog (US Empire) Any of you have any fundamental disagreements with it (and not his other positions such as his hostility to Hugo Chavez' government)?

It seems that the cliche about "the tail wagging the dog" is the standard response when anybody suggests that Israel and the Israel lobby (referred to in the Israeli media as "the Jewish lobby") can have a decisive effect on U.S. policy in the Middle East. Funny that, AFAIK, nobody has used that metaphor as a refutation when "Wall Street" or "The City" (i.e., London's financial district) is or was said to have that kind of power.

The relationship between Israeli capitalists, other Jewish capitalists, and non-Jewish capitalists is complex. Anti-semites over-simplify it in one direction. So did Ariel Sharon, who told the Israel cabinet not to worry about the U.S. because everybody knows the Jews run America! (I don't have his exact words, but, since I dropped out of Hebrew School way back in 1951, I wouldn't understand them anyway.) Most leftists react to anti-semitism by treating any discussion of specifically Jewish capitalist interests as support for anti-semitism. Moreover, most leftists won't even mention the actual workings of one of the most powerful institutions of U.S. capitalism, the so-called* "Federal Reserve Bank", because of the prominent role Jewish bankers play in it.

 - Aaron

* I say "so-called" because like the "Holy Roman Empire" which was neither holy, Roman nor an empire, the "Federal Reserve Bank" is not federal, has no reserve and isn't a bank! Rather, it's a government-empowered cartel of private banks.

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