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> At 16:08 04/03/2006, Louis Godena  wrote:
>>>Soumaya Ghannoushi is a researcher in the history of ideas at the School 
>>>of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.
>>She is also a badly informed historian.
> Explain please

Well, I included a link to another of her articles: 
Here's a sample:

The absurd, random mass carnage of young and old, male and female is its 
trademark. Residential buildings, tourist resorts, rush hour trains and 
crowded buses turn into grand spectacles of mass murder where no heed is 
paid to the victim's identity and the extent of his/her responsibility for 
the policies of a country defined as the enemy. The boundaries between the 
world of politics and that of organised crime are blurred, as political 
demands get wedded to criminal methods.

Al-Qaida, it must be said, is no pioneer in this field. For although it 
founds its ideology on religious references and speaks a language 
overwhelmed by religious symbols, al-Qaida falls largely within the modern 
tradition of revolutionary anarchists - from the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks 
down to latter-day Marxist guerrillas like the Baadr-Meinhoff Gang.

Destruction as a passion

Like these modern revolutionary nihilists, al-Qaida warriors subscribe to an 
instrumentalist logic that recognises no distinction between the legitimate 
and illegitimate, thereby sanctioning acts of terror for the attainment of 
their ends. Like them, they are more interested in the act of destruction 
than its effects. As the father of Russian anarchism Mikhail Bakunin put it, 
'the passion for destruction is also a creative passion'.

Linking the Bolshevism of Lenin or even the anarchism of Bakunin with 
Al-Qaida or Baadr- Meinhoff is simply too foolish to waste powder and shot 
on.   Even the most deluded scribbler of the 
"Islam-is-a-peace-loving-non-violent-faith-like-Christianity" canard has 
never produced anything that sinks to the level of this drivel.

Louis Godena

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