[Marxism] I'm not convinced that Blacks are a nation within theUSnation.

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 5 03:58:38 MST 2006

From: "Fred Feldman" 
> And Fred: Rohan is not yet convinced, which
> may simply mean that the struggle in the
> United States will have to go forward
> without Rohan's agreement.

In case it's necessary, I should point out that Rohan
is an Australian. So therefore the struggle in the US
will happen regardless of Rohan's opinion, anyway.

As it happens, I live in a town that has a relatively
large African population by Australian standards. We
have a university, which provides us with a relatively
large proportion of overseas students, including
Africans. It's also a racist town, which means that we
have a proportionately large population of "white"
immigrants from Zimbabwe and South Africa. And,
finally, we have had a significant influx of people
from the Sudan in the last decade and a half.

We have a handful of African-Americans, but basically,
most of our African folks are, ummm, "blacker than
thou, dude". Really. They were born in the freakin'
Nile Valley, not Detroit, yah know...

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