[Marxism] Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

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Sun Mar 5 17:51:22 MST 2006

i am not sure who is distributing the movie, but i had the pleasure of 
seeing it at the world film festival in montreal two years ago. i 
strongly recommend it. the director Nike von Glasow was there, and spoke 
afterwards. i believe he mentioned that he had interviewed former 
members of the Edelweiss Pirates as research for the film, that many of 
the events and characters portrayed were based on real people...
what i remember most is that he summed up the film's "message" as 
"people need to resist; if you don't resist you're fucked". i forget 
exactly what else he said, but i understood him to mean this (i.e. the 
need to resist) as not only applying to nazi germany.

i think it was subtitles, but i could be wrong...

Aaron wrote:

>While a fair amount has been written about the White Rose, a small if heroic middle-class grouping, less has been written about the Edelweiss Pirates, a much larger, primarily working-class, anti-Nazi youth movement centered in Cologne (Koln), some of whose members (if that's the right word for participants in such a informal group) were executed and many more imprisoned by the Nazis.
>Probably because the Edelweiss Pirates were working-class and were violent in their anti-Nazi actions, they are not put forth as role models by the liberal and pacifist anti-war movement. But I think they're exactly the kind (ONE kind, at least!) of model we need to publicize!
>There is a 2004 German film, Edelweißpiraten that, according to imdb.com, is available in English (subtitles?) but not available on home video. I'd like to find out who's distributing the English version, if anybody knows how.
> - Aaron Aarons
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