[Marxism] correction on: Did Cannon havea"liquidationist"position on the Black question in the U.S.?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 5 19:15:39 MST 2006

Hence I think it's more accurate and 
useful to see African Americans and Jews per se 
as oppressed castes.
I  prefer, partly because I always thought of myself as part of a people
and never as part of a caste a la ancient India or other very
precapitalist places, the bourgeois term nation that of caste.  I also
know that Black people in the United 
States prefer the modern language of nation to that of caste. Of course,
I now that Trotsky stretched the term caste quite openly and explicitly
to apply to the Soviet bureaucracy, but that was not to deny that the
Soviet bureaucracy had a nationality.  He thought they were 
Russian and the Georgian  Stalin thought so too.

So I prefer the word nation, which is consistent with my consciousness
as a rather modern secular Jew and also consistent with the
self-consciousness of  Blacks whose nationhood originates with
capitalist slavery. Nick prefers to torture the word caste, partly
because the word nation causes his anxiety level to increase
unacceptably, for reasons I do not fully grasp (although I suspect they
have more to do with Australia than the United States).
I say nation.... You say caste.... Let's call the whole thing off. 
Fred Feldman

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