[Marxism] Engels did write technical articles in English military journals.

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Mar 6 06:53:41 MST 2006

According to _Engels:His Life and Work_, Engels publised _Essays Addressed
to Volunteers_ in 1861, a collection that includes Engels's articles about
the volunteer movement written for _The Volunteer Journal, for Lancashire
and Cheshire in the 1860's analysing and critisiing the organization and
training system of English volunteer units. So, if Mark L. is suggesting
that the American military intellectuals were reading English stuff on
tactics, drill, etc., they very well may have read Engels essays precisely
on English volunteer units. This seems especially likely since the Union was
dealing with a lot of volunteer and new units with the war. So, the U.S.
military intellectuals would run into Engels both in the American
encyclopedia, the English technical journals on organizing troops, and in
the New York Tribune.

Also, Marx's comments on Engels _Army_ are very suggestive pertinent to
something I wrote recently on the A-List.

"Thermodynamics has been mentioned. Newtonian concepts of force and power
are pertinent in assessing materialistically the physical necessities and
determinations of state warfare challenges. In other words, there is a
certain vulgar material determinism, stagism even, in the levels of
destructive force capabilities held by the ColdWar capitalist and socialist
states. This fact impacts the Chinsese socialist state heavily right now.
This level of determinism still operates in the competition betweeen
socialism and capitalism."

The socialist revolutions persisting have been led by socialist military
leaders and armed mass populations, as in China, Cuba, Viet Nam and

Marx says, "Altogether,the army is of importance in economic development..(
It's history is) a very striking epitome of the whole history of civil
societies." So, this principle is expressed in  current significance in the
fact that the military is founded the internet.

The development of the forces of production cause development of the forces
of destruction - and vica versa.



ML: Charles then suggests that, because "American" was in the title of the
one of the publications, "this might be a way that Engels would be known to
American military officials as a military expert from before the war." (Yes,
U.S. military and civil authorities didn't read detailed English or foreign
stuff on tactics, drill, etc. They read encyclopedias with "American" in the


CB: Seems likely that they might read both. I'm not sure why you don't think
they would read the American encyclopedia. Are you saying they only read
non-American stuff. The point about referring to the "American" is that it
means that Engels articles would be in America, whereas if he had written
for the "Austrian" encyclopedia, you'd probably say the Americans wouldn't
read it like people saying Americans didn't read the Engels-Marx U.S.Civil
War articles in the Vienna paper.


Woooo , I got you good on this one, my erudite puppy. Engels did more than
write journalistic articles on the military. 

In _Engels: His Life and Works_ ( Progress 1987) we find:

In 1857, at Marx's proposal, Engels began writing the military entries for
_The New American Cyclopedia_. He produced more than 60 articles ( which are
in a special vol of the M&E collected works; I'll dig up my copy of that
volume)in which he analysed the history of military science and warcraft."

( significant to our discussion here, this is an _American_ encyclopedia.
So, American military pros may have known Engels as a military expert from
before the Civil War itself)

"Your _Army_ is Capital," Marx wrote to Engels in September 1857. ..More
graphically than anything else, the history of the _army_ demonstrates the
rightness of our views as to the connection between the productive forces
and social relations. Altogether,the army is of importance in economic
development..( It's history is) a very striking epitome of the whole history
of civil societies.

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