[Marxism] Engels did write technical articles in English militaryjournals.

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Mar 6 08:02:40 MST 2006

Charles, if you want to call articles on volunteers for volunteers
"technical articles" about military affairs, it's as accurate as other
labels you've applied to things.

Absolutely none of this is anything like as big a mystery as you make it
out to be.  

Civil War buffs have published trainloads of material on this.  Retired
military officers have made it a regular practice of telling us where
this stuff was coming from....

There was a proliferation of politicized writings on military affairs
after 1848. It usually mixed republican ideas and patriotic rhetoric
with a few bits of practical advice about organizing citizen-soldiers.
None of this was particularly new to Americans, who didn't have much of
a regular army and had been doing the citizen-soldier bit since 1776.

Certainly, the professional military anywhere in the world had the pick
of what those in the US wanted to read and reprint was never a secret.
All of that information is available.  Their interest, rightly or
wrongly, was not Willich, Engels and their ragtag revolutionary holdouts
in 1849 but the Crimean War, which broke out between nation-states a few
years later.  They sent observers to the latter (not the former), wrote
reports, and discussed the implications of that war for the United

The formulators of Civil War military strategy studied the latter very
closely and we can draw, point by point, how their approach to the
conflict came from European developments from Napoleon through Crimea.
Willich was important to the military side of the Civil War for his
Prussian training not his association with 1848-49.

Had Engels shown up, they'd have surely issued a press statement on how
they are well wishers of all republican aspirations and maybe called in
some German generals available and had someone like Matthew Brady take
their picture together.  But they wouldn't have spent to much time on
it, because they were figuring out how to raise, equip, and train troops
and how to use them on a battlefield.  And that they got from the

To not understand this is not to understand one of the basic tensions in
the American Civil War, something vital to the course of the Second
American Revolution. 

But all this stuff is available in a library.

We really don't need to spend a lot of time debunking alien autopsy
films.  There's no evidence for it, no real context that makes it even
circumstantial, and no chain of reasoning to make sense of it.  Open up
this argument and it's just green jello and a joker with a video cam.

Mark L.

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