[Marxism] ML lost in cyberspace

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Mar 6 09:43:45 MST 2006

Mark L


The trouble is not that you're not bright or curious. 

 Oh I missed this before :>)
Mark, I'm certainly "brighter" than you. You are not supposed to be
commenting on my "curiosity". I'm the one who is the judge of your intellect
here. What are you doing giving _me_ a "grade". I'm the smarter one  in this


 You just seem to have no mechanism for weighing the value of sources and
have a kind of
religious faith that gets in the way of your acquiring it.

CB: You are the one who has demonstrated lack of thinking, analytical and
logical still in this discussion. Religious faith ? You must be out of  your


So, tell us.  When you go back to your International Publishers source, how
would you describe the information there?  "It was..."  C'mon, say it.  "The
information there was..."  C'mon...sounds like "song" or "throng"....  What
was it?  "It was...."

CB: I know you think this is funny , but you are the slow dumbo in this
exchange, honey bunny. 

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