[Marxism] Joseph Weydemeyer and the Roswell Crash

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Mon Mar 6 11:00:14 MST 2006


Just a few points....

A Communist Club that is not strictly Marxist in New York City in 1857 
does not prove your assertion of a national party adhereing to the 
Marxist "line" in the Civil War.

Nobody serious about the subject doubts whether the Union basically 
won the war through the Anaconda plan.  You can't name a single 
serious Civil War scholar who thinks the Union abandoned the plan in 
order to partition the Confederacy along the line of the Mississippi 
River or by marching through Georgia...because these moves were part 
of the plan.  If you want to demonstrate otherwise, go the library and 
find one serious Civil War scholar who thinks that

People can make their own judgements as to whether they have to adjust 
the dimmer....

You did not demonstrate your claim that Weydemeyer waged a successful 
campaign against Confederate guerillas by consulting "another source 
as to whether there were Confederate guerrillas in Missouri in this 
time period. Low and behold the source I went to said there were  
Confederateguerrillas in Missouri at this time. This doesn't  
demonstrate that Weydemeyer fought them of course, but it is a 
necessary precondition for him to fight them, i.e. that there _were_ 
Confederate guerillas there at all."  

Sadly, you add to the above muddle, "Now it only remains to show they 
Weydemeyer was fighting in Missouri at this time".  Together these 
would prove: (1) there were guerillas in Missouri; (2) he was fighting 
in Missouri; and, therefore, (3) he was fighting guerillas.

I'll pause here so any readers blinded by the brightness of the 
argument need to put on their dimmers....


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