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Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Mar 7 03:40:48 MST 2006

Lueko writes:On Sun, 05 Mar 2006 19:35:14 -0500, Fred Feldman wrote:

> This is actually an anti-Semitic canard, since it identifies all Jews
> with support  to Israeli anti=Palestinian expansionism, a position
> probably held by only a large minority of US Jews, and support to the
> Bush administration's war policy, a position definitely held by only a
> minority of US Jews.  

  Is there any evidence supporting this? 
  One might be confused by not differentiating between Jewish 
organisations and Jewish people as individuals. 

  Also your above statement speaks of "Israeli anti-Palestinian 
expansionism", but not of support for the existence of Israel as a 
Jewish state, i.e. with a Jewish demographic majority, which would 
garantee a "government from Jews, by Jews, and for Jews" instead of a 
"government from the people, by the people, and for the people", e.g. in

the way that Uri Avneri wants it to be ("Lets stick with the conquest of

1948 in order not to lose everything"). 

  Could you elaborate
 Lueko plunges from my very careful assertions about what many and most
Jews oppose, and proclaims this to be an assertion that the majority of
Jews are against Zionism?  Of course, most US Jews are not Zionists,
that is, they do not believe Israel is their homeland.  But most Jews
are very sympathetic to Zionism.
I pointed to the fact that there is widespread opposition among Jews,
including in Israel, to the current Israeli and Bush administration
policies which are pushed by   AIPAC.  Contrary, to what you would
believe if you listened to the media and so forth, most Jews in the
United States still fall into the category of liberalism.  Most of them
are sympathetic to the opposition to the Iraq war.  Most of them do not
support the neoconservative foreign policy. Most of them probably do not
favor war against Iran. A majority do not support Bush.  Many didn't
support Sharon.
Therefore when the media refers to an AIPAC meeting as a  "convention of
Jewish-Americans," that is, identify Jews as a group in the United
States with AIPAC, which really  acts as a direct representative of
Israeli government interests in the US and voices the sentiment of a
powerful core of ultra-pro-Israel Jews, they are smearing the majority
of Jews, who are pro-Israel, but not neoconservatives, foreign policy
hawks, neoconservatives and so forth.
Frankly, I also think the term "Zionist" is overworked  as a term for
everyone who supports Israel.  I don't think the Bush administration
supports Israel because it is Zionist but out of concerns for US
imperialist interests, and many Jews do this also and support the US
government when it occassionally exerts pressure on Israel to moderate
its course.
Most Jews are middle-class liberals,  not billionaire banking mad-dogs.
That is not an inspiring progressive fact  -- quite the contrary,
actually -- but it is certainly not the same as being in agreement with
Commentary magazine.  Although neither represents a majority, Rabbi
Michael Lerner probably represents at least as wide a cut of the Jewish
population as Podhoretz/Dector, Irving and Bill Kristol, and the like.
There has been a strong tendency for Zionist and Jew to become synonyms
because most Jews feel a certain identification with the racist Jewish
state of Israel, and I am opposed to this mechanical overuse of the term
"Zionist," which is then picked up by anti-Semites who argue that they
are not anti-Semitic but only against Zionists, meaning Jews.
And by the way, it looks to me  like Petras has gone round the bend on
this issue as well as Bolivia.  It looks like his politics may be
finally departing our earthly sphere for good, but I hope he our
gravitational pull hauls him back in.
Fred Feldman

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