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I thought this might come in handy to the historians/economists/bloggers on 
this list -- Louis G

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Introducing Parliamentary Research Service, India ;

 Hello Harvard Alumni:

 I apologise for the crossposting.

 I am writing to introduce a New Delhi based, not for profit policy research 
institution that my Kennedy School classmate (CV Madhukar) and me are trying 
to build, Parliamentary Research Service (PRS).

 Those of you who have an interest in India/Policy and Governance issues 
will be interested in this initiative.

 Over 60 Bills are passed every year in India's Parliamentary system, most 
with significant implications for long term national policy.  Despite this, 
a non-partisan research system to provide data to over 800 Members of 
Parliament does not exist. We at PRS are trying to change that. We seek to 
promote good governance in India through supporting a well informed, 
transparent and participatory legislative processes.

 PRS, funded by the Ford Foundation, has been setup to promote transparency 
and wider debate on upcoming legislative issues in Parliament.

 At PRS we produce analytical Legislative Briefings, provide citizen 
feedback on proposed policies to politicians, create pre and post 
parliamentary session alerts, write crisp policy notes as well as contribute 
to building greater capacity to strengthen our vibrant democracy.

 I encourage you to visit our website www.prsindia.org to learn more. This 
website can be your window to the Indian Parliament.

 We often look for leading experts to help us analyse complex public policy 
matters, business and government issues. We were hoping we could solicit 
your expertise, comment and feedback on those issues that are personal 
interest to you/ members at your organization.

 I will appreciate if you can share this note with other India watchers who 
have an interest in governance and public policy issues.

 I will be happy to speak to you on the phone and provide additional 
details. Just let me know

 Best Regards,

 Sameer Jain

 email: sameer at prsindia.org or sameer.jain at post.harvard.edu

 Parliamentary Research Service,
Centre for Policy Research
 Dharma Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021 India
Phone : (011) 2611 5273-76 Fax : (011) 2687 2746

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