[Marxism] Intellectuals of the Hall of Shame

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Tue Mar 7 09:42:32 MST 2006

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From: "Mehmet Cagatay" <mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com>

> MC: You're right. There is nothing Marxist about the "universality of
> freedom". Marxism is about the "individuality of freedom". Marxism affirms
> that the human nature is the process in which human transforms his own
> nature with his or her labour. Then, it negates the particularity in which
> the working class has expelled from this process, from transforming and
> expressing his own nature. Although, it is mystical as usual, there is no
> harm in quoting Hegel:
> (1) The first is Universality - meaning that it is in free equality with
> itself in its specific character.
> (2) The second is Particularity - that is, the specific character, in
> which the universal continues serenely equal to itself.
> (3) The third is Individuality-meaning the reflection-into-self of the
> specific characters of universality and particularity; which negative
> self-unity has complete and original determinateness, without any loss to
> its self-identity or universality.

Uh, okay.

Louis G 

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